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SAPORI AMATRICIANI S.r.l. founded with the intent of bringing to light the traditional agro-alimentary and gastronomic products from the Amatrice district and the immediate central apennines region.

The principle idea of the project is that of reinforcing the links between the lands territories and its production commerce, offering a structured opportunity for the commercial use of its produce. This would be done developing and building on the existing web of vending points of the Coop. Prod. Latte Amatrice, which became Gruppo Grifo-Latte in 2001.

A truly stimulating challenge with the objective of promoting the local produce as well as giving an impetus into the agricultural farming sector, working in tune with the Polo Agro-Alimentare del Parco Nazionale Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga (recognized institute in Amatrice since November of 2003).

Thanks to such combined efforts and the agreement reached  "Sapori Amatriciani" took on the organization of the web mentioned above. "Sapori Amatriciani" uses this web for the commercialization of cheeses and salamis from both Amatrice and Norcia, as well as many typical traditional local products. The most notable produce of these being the famous "Guanciale Amatriciano" and "Prociutto Amatriciano IGP" as well as the "Mortadelline di Campotosto (Presidio Slow-Food)" better known in jargon with the denomination of "the balls of the donkey".

The variety and quality of the areas typical products has grown vastly along the years, consisting also of desserts, biscuits, honey and jams, as well as legumes and other traditional local products like the "Patata (potato) Turchesa" stand out for their outstanding antioxidant qualities. The later of which was recovered by members of the local authority mentioned above, starting with the final 33 tubers remaining in the entire region they managed to save the endangered species establishing a specific association which today consists of 60 cultivators. Sapori Amatriciani partners these cultivators working in the commercialization sector through the web of vending points.

The Environmental Context

The landscape of Amatrice is situated at an altitude between 900 m. and 2400 m. above sea level, in a part of the Lazio region situated between Abruzzo, Umbria and Marche.

Together with the Accumoli region, the mountainside of the national park of Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga, it extends across an area of 150.000 acres adjacent to the national park of Monti Sibillini.

The two neighbouring parks present geographical and vegetational diversities, which make up extraordinary scenic countryside full of unique locations, making it one of the most interesting natural areas of europe.

The Monti Della Laga consists of arenaceous rock divided by argillaceous marl, rigid steep cliffs, forests and green open spaces ingulfed with wild torrents and streams that coming down from valleys form some spectacular waterfalls. Such natural conditions have made the terrain very fertile and obviously extremely adapt to agricultural growth, which today is at the roots of the districts agro-alimentary production of which Amatrice represents its urban central referral point.

The Monti Sibillini on the contrast is made up mainly of a calcareous foundations making it more rough in its appearance, unique under the natural culture perspective. The Castelluccio plains produce the regions famous lentils, however they are most notably renowned for their phenomenal caves. The legend regarding Monte Vettore part of the Sibillini mountains is still rife today and a greatly significant part of the local history of Norcia. San Benedetto represents the most predominant and developed city in the entire area.

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